Ten Types of Innovation: All in One Building

June 13, 2013
I was lucky enough to be able to attend the “Ten Types of Innovation” book launch party last night since it was held at The Institute of Design in Chicago, the first design school in the U.S. with a Ph.D. program, and an organization that we share a building with! Read More

Three Rules for Generating the Best Ideas

May 15, 2013
I was looking for more information on how well ideation processes work this week, and I came across a great study by Karan Girotra, Christian Terwiesch, and Karl T. Ulrich at University of Pennsylvania was called “Idea Generation and the Quality of the Best Idea”. They ran a clever experiment to... Read More

Who Owns that Patent? 3 Ways to Avoid 30 Years of Disputes.

April 16, 2013
Pfizer and the NIH have taken sides on who owns background intellectual property (IP) rights to the blockbuster arthritis drug Xeljanz. Its undisputed that Pfizer invested over $1B in the drug, and its undisputed that Pfizer and NIH had an joint R&D contract, called a CRADA, in place during the... Read More

You Manage 60 People, On Average

March 04, 2013
Working with a client recently, a senior R&D leader was asked how many people in the company report to her. She answered 20. On an organization chart, she’d be right. But in the innovation world, the correct answer is close to 60. Read More

The One Mistake R&D is Making in Open Innovation

March 01, 2013
R&D has not typically reported on the process they use to generate new innovative ideas, but more often the results. Prior to the advent of the Open Innovation as a business activity R&D had no reason to report on the amount of external collaborations or external partner’s contributions to research... Read More

Ideation is Easy. Conversion is the Hard Stuff.

February 18, 2013
The results also show that being highly effective at idea conversion is more important to financial success than being highly skilled at generating ideas. -    Booz & Company -    2012 Survey of the Global 10001 Read More

CoDev 2013... and Soap

February 12, 2013
We're at the CoDev conference in La Jolla, California. CoDev is co-organized by the PDMA and brings together an exciting array of companies committed to developing their products and services through active partnerships with outside organizations (Co-Development!, Open Innovation, JV's, etc.,). Read More

A New Era for Wellspring

February 08, 2013
Today we launch a new website and with it, a new era for Wellspring Worldwide that has been a decade in the making. The new website marks an exciting time of growth, expansion, and evolution, coinciding with our new corporate headquarters, marketing campaign, and formal launch of new modules and... Read More




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