"As a small office, without Wellspring's Office as a Service, I literally don't know what we would do."


Associate TTO Director, large private university



"Wellspring's services are a must-have. All of them are critical. And we get the money back by better containing expenses." 


TTO Director, private regional university

Embrace the Power of Office as a Service


Access to Expert Support

As part of Office as a Service, you'll have access to a team of IP and innovation experts who are dedicated to your success. Benefit from their knowledge, guidance, and personalized support to navigate the intricacies of IP strategy, IDF review, market research, technology marketing, licensing negotiations, and more. We're here to ensure you make informed decisions and maximize the value of your intellectual assets.


Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

With Office as a Service, you'll experience enhanced efficiency and productivity throughout your organization. Streamline your IP processes, reduce administrative burdens, and gain valuable insights through powerful analytics and reporting. Focus your efforts on innovation and growth, leaving the complexities of IP and innovation management to us.

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Support provided for TTO Processes

IP Commercialization

With our comprehensive IP Commercialization and Licensing services, you can unlock new revenue streams and achieve your impact goals.

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Data and Operations

Our Client Success team can fully manage your TTO's IP docketing and IP deadlines, agreements entry/audits, iEdison compliance, financials, and data audits/cleanup.

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Accelerate your IP Strategy

Leverage Wellspring’s deep knowledge in intellectual property management to identify, protect, license, and monetize your valuable IP assets. From patent filings through to licensing receipts, our experienced team will guide you through complex processes, ensuring your IP strategy is robust and aligned with your goals.

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Supercharge TTO Management

Harness the power of Wellspring's unique combination of technology transfer experience, TTO management system expertise, IP knowledge, market insights, and industry connections to complement your existing office capabilities. We are with you every step of the way offering end-to-end technology transfer systems and services. Expand your team with our experienced practitioners, who deliver hands-on support every day.

TTO Management

Office as a Service Team Leaders

A team of experienced professionals dedicated to fully managing and/or assisting your TTO.

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Rupert Osborn
Managing Director of Innovation Services, Europe

Carla Garic


Carla Garic

VP of Customer Success, Academic 

Contact: carla.garic@wellspring.com



Elaine Eggington


Elaine Eggington

Executive Director, Consulting Services

Contact: elaine.eggington@wellspring.com



Scott McKellar


Scott McKellar

Principal Consultant

Contact: scott.mckellar@wellspring.com



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