"My model now is to leverage Wellspring for software and staff augmentation so it's an end-to-end solution."


small Tech Transfer office, large public university


"We had someone go out on sick leave, and we were not as good at getting financial terms into the database. We stopped the backlog with Carla's help." 


TTO Director, large public university

Unlock Efficiency and Compliance

Manage Dynamic Workloads

Our Client Success team can cover the workload in between staff members. When a new person has been onboarded we offer services to train them specifically for your office.

Improve Cost Efficiencies

Hiring trained experts helps your team come up to speed quickly on complex tasks - rather than needing to hire someone new with overhead and training requirements.

Increase Productivity

We can take on your operational and administrative tasks instead of spending your team’s valuable time on these activities.

Docketing Services

Streamline your docketing processes and stay on top of critical deadlines. Our docketing services provide the ability to: 

  • Process and enter new invention disclosures
  • Manage and process all incoming IP correspondence 
  • Prepare and provide recurring docket reports of upcoming deadlines
  • Audit and remediate patent data in the database
docketing services

Agreement Entry and/or Audits

Ensure your office's contracts are entered accurately and audited regularly. Our meticulous approach to agreements management will help you maintain:

  • Reports for upcoming due dates or past due items
  • Agreement financial terms
  • Agreement non-financial terms
  • Reports to show unfulfilled items 
  • Best practices - SOP creation

iEdison Compliance

Simplify iEdison compliance and reporting requirements. Our experts will guide you through the intricacies of iEdison compliance such as: 

  • Report federally funded inventions and patents to iEdison as required per Bayh-Dole
  • Prepare and/or file requested documents and reports required per Bayh-Dole such as Government Support Clauses, Confirmatory Licenses, Election of Title, and Annual Utilization Reports
  • Audit and Remediate overdue iEdison notifications
iEdison Reporting

Financials Management

Gain control and visibility into your TTOs finances. Our experienced team will assist or fully manage:

  • Expense entry
  • Reconciliations
  • Licensee invoicing for reimbursement of expenses or license fee obligations
  • Process revenue distributions

Data and Operations Leadership

Our team leaders head up a group of technology transfer professionals with experience managing vast TTO operations and their processes. 
Carla Garic
Carla Garic

VP of Customer Success, Academic 

Contact: carla.garic@wellspring.com

Selene Malek
Selene Malek
Customer Success Manager, OaaS & Training
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