For too many organizations, IP Renewals can be a fraught process – more expensive than it needs to be, overly cumbersome to manage, and lacking in data integrity and process clarity. Wellspring’s Astria solution combines a software portal and managed service into a seamless solution for a wide variety of organizations.
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Get a complete picture of all your patent and design renewal costs and upcoming due dates in one view.

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Keep abreast of real-time fees and precise deadlines for all your upcoming renewals, whether in the next month, quarter, the entire year, or beyond – all in one secure login.



With a full appreciation of workflows around clients’ decision-making, instructing, and reporting on the IP portfolio, the Astria solution gives your team the seamless ability to effectively maintain their IP renewals and annuities.



Manually instruct or auto-pay your renewals without any difficulty. Irrespective of job function, the Astria solution provides answers, insights, and support on your IP renewals and annuities, fast.


With over 20 years’ experience as hands-on IP Renewals practitioners, our team of conscientious experts ensure that every aspect of your annuities program runs seamlessly. From initial consultation through to timely and efficient instruction processing, our managed services bring practical, proactive support that complements the Astria software platform.  We are proud and delighted to bring this IP renewals solution to the market.

Streamline your Renewals Workflows

Get a complete picture of all your patent and design renewal costs and upcoming due dates in one view. Make decisions, place instructions, delay renewals – do whatever you need to do all in one place. 


Eliminate Double Docketing

There’s no point in managing your IP in two separate places. It’s time to remove that need forever with our Astria-Sophia integration. 

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Drive Robust Data Integrity

Checking our clients' IP renewal data is an integral part of the solution, as standard.  These proactive checks set us apart from other providers, giving you increased guidance and confidence, in the quality and accuracy of your IP data, in manageable, digital processes to shore up/ensure “nothing falls through the cracks”.

Easy Renewing

Clients can choose how and when to instruct their renewals. Flexibility to make decisions how and when you want. You can bulk renew, and renew by group/family/time period/manager giving you a practical approach for dealing with your upcoming renewals.

Practical Invoicing

Reconciling invoices becomes effortless with concise breakdowns of reference and case fees, further facilitated by the availability of PDF and LEDES format options for enhanced processing.


The Astria-Sophia integration empowers your office to decide which Sophia IP records, during their life cycle, need to be tracked and instructed on with respect to IP renewals and annuities.  All cases mapped from Sophia and received into Astria undergo a data check for accuracy against the Patent & Trademark Office (PTO), as standard.  Any data queries identified by the Astria solution are synchronized directly to the IP record in Sophia for resolution.

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This integrated process removes the need for emails and double docketing whilst adding further data checks to your Sophia IP records.
  • One source of the IP record for IP management and renewals within your Sophia system
  • Data checks of your mapped IP records, adding to IP and renewals data integrity over time
  • Due dates and live pricing for your IP renewals, synchronized with Sophia daily
  • Monitor, instruct, and run reports on your IP renewals data with the Astria-Sophia integration in minutes

IP Renewals Leadership

Ronnie Headshot

Ronnie Georghiou
Executive Director, IP Renewal Services
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Bansi Pattni
Head of Operations, Astria