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Meet technology change head-on

Technology advances rapidly. For companies, disciplined innovation can be the difference between disruptor and disrupted. For universities, commercializing discoveries is a crucial part of the institution’s mission.

Yet few organizations systematically manage their technology portfolios.

Mission-critical innovation programs must be coordinated strategically across an organization. And they can no longer operate in SharePoint or by using spreadsheets alone.

Change is hard, but necessary. Whether it’s R&D programs, innovation centers, intellectual property portfolios, technology licensing, or digital transformation, we’re here to help.

Innovation, Accelerated

Wellspring has the software, tools, and advice to help you succeed.

Corporate Innovation

Manage a wide range of R&D and innovation programs.

Technology Scouting

Discover everything from early-stage research to new startups with 2,000+ databases.

Academic Technology Transfer

Commercialize efficiently with online disclosures, docketing, financials, and more.

Corporate IP Management

Professionalize and manage any size intellectual property portfolio.

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