Meet technology change head-on

Technology advances rapidly. For companies, disciplined innovation can be the difference between disruptor and disrupted. For universities, commercializing discoveries is a crucial part of the institution’s mission.

Yet few organizations systematically manage their technology portfolios.

Mission-critical innovation programs must be coordinated strategically across an organization. And they can no longer operate in SharePoint or by using spreadsheets alone.

Change is hard, but necessary. Whether it’s R&D programs, innovation centers, intellectual property portfolios, technology licensing, or digital transformation, we’re here to help.

Innovation, Accelerated

Wellspring has the software, tools, and advice to help you succeed.

Corporate Innovation

Manage a wide range of R&D and innovation programs.

Technology Scouting

Discover everything from early-stage research to new startups with 2,000+ databases.

Academic Technology Transfer

Commercialize efficiently with online disclosures, docketing, financials, and more.

Corporate IP Management

Professionalize and manage any size intellectual property portfolio.

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Whether you’re a three-person R&D team, a growing technology transfer team, or a global organization of 10,000, we can help you drive innovation with purpose and consistency. Our services draw on decades of experience in innovation strategy, technology management, open innovation, and organizational change.