Strategic Innovation: The Importance of Executive Support

August 21, 2023
Many innovation departments across industries are operating productively. They practice well-understood core innovative activities: discovering short-term technologies that appropriately compete with their competitors, staying in line with their current customer's needs, and continuing to produce... Read More

Smart Cities and their Enabling Technologies

November 29, 2022
When most of us think about smart cities, we think of two key technologies: IoT and EVs. While these are both critical enablers, the story goes much deeper and broader. A wide variety of emerging technologies will be necessary to make the future of urban living into a mainstream experience. Here,... Read More

Pulse of Innovation: Achieving Sustainability & Net-Zero Emissions

October 04, 2022
Every so often we ask our community to sound off on popular topics in innovation and share their best tips, tricks, and advice in hopes that their answers may inspire others in the field. We’ve gathered these insights by email, over phone calls, at events and roundtables, and catching up with... Read More

Five Agtech Opportunities Ripe for Development

September 06, 2022
From virtual farming to cattle tracking to mitigating harmful pesticides and so much more, agtech is growing at a faster pace than ever. Given farming’s long history as an industry of mature markets, it’s about time for disruption. From surging consumer demand for plant-based protein to the push... Read More

The CHIPS Act was a good start—now we can take these three steps to further supercharge innovation

August 31, 2022
The U.S. will need to build the deepest possible talent base, and then clear the way for that talent to do its best possible work. This article was originally published on Fast Company. Read More

Why the EU, UK, US, and Japan are Exploring Space-Based Solar Power

August 10, 2022
Throughout the twentieth century, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s idea that solar power stations in space could generate power was a source of creativity and inspiration for science fiction writers. Today, however, in conjunction with Peter Glaser’s 1973 patent for solar-powered satellites, the fiction of... Read More

Why Wellspring Chose to Raise Capital in 2022

July 14, 2022
Today, Wellspring announced a significant capital raise. You can read the press release to learn more about Resurgens, our new growth partners, and the deal itself. In this post, I’d like to focus on the bigger picture — why it made sense to raise a fresh round of capital, why 2022 was the right... Read More

How “Core” Innovation Has Landed the Supply Chain in Its Current Mess

July 11, 2022
Get a look at how the supply chain has missed on innovation in the past, and why strategic innovation is proving to be the way forward. This article was originally published on Supply & Demand Chain Executive. Read More

Dog Days and Dynamite: New Takes on 4th of July Classics

June 28, 2022
The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) reports that hot dogs are served in 95% of American households, estimating an astounding 20 billion eaten annually, boiling (no pun intended) down to about 70 dogs per person. The beloved classic is often associated with summer, amusement parks,... Read More

Why Innovation Operations Are Critical

June 13, 2022
This article was originally published on Chemical Engineering. Read More
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