Tips for Intellectual Property Alerts

July 07, 2020
As your organization’s researchers innovate, your intellectual property (IP) portfolio exponentially grows over time. However, that does not always mean that the number of staff members in your TTO grows alongside it. As a result, it is necessary to develop new strategies to make your team’s... Read More

Thinking with Portals

June 01, 2020
Organized workflow management can make or break an office. As soon as a staff member logs into Sophia, they play a role in enabling your team to develop and grow a robust portfolio of technologies and IP. How can you support this process as a system administrator? Read More

Save Money on Patent Costs: Steps To Take Today

November 06, 2019
There is a continuing expectation from senior leaders that teams managing intellectual property (IP), whether corporate IP counsel or academic tech transfer, need to do more with less. Unfortunately, IP budgets across many industries are staying the same or, worse, shrinking. At the same time, IP... Read More

Patent Quality Over Quantity

June 05, 2018
2017 USPTO stats show a slight increase in patent grants compared to 2016. However, fewer patent applications are being published. Why? These numbers illustrate a shift in mindset towards patent applications among intellectual property (IP) teams that has appeared in recent years. Read More

Wellspring, IPRIS, And IP Pragmatics Announce Integrated IP Partnership

February 06, 2018
As the global leader in technology transfer and technology scouting software, Wellspring connects innovators to one another around the world. As of January 24th, these connections expand to further corners of the globe with the announcement of a formal partnership with IPRIS, a leading provider of... Read More

How Do Chemical Industry Leaders Innovate?

February 24, 2016
Employ Technology Scouting and IP Management For many industries, innovation is a slow and costly process. This is especially true of capital-intensive verticals such as chemical manufacturing. Yet, innovation remains a top priority for corporate bosses in the chemical industry and a major... Read More




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