3 Tips - Scouting For Technology at the AUTM 2017 Annual Meeting & Elsewhere

March 02, 2017
The AUTM Annual Meeting is a great place for corporate technology scouts and business development teams to discover emerging university technologies. However, with over 500 attendees and three days of sessions, learning about every new invention just isn’t possible. To make the most out of your... Read More

The Basics of Negotiating a Successful Technology License

February 22, 2017
With successful licensing agreements the goal of both tech transfer offices and tech scouting teams, how are these deals successfully negotiated? While many open innovation platforms focus on finding the technology, not enough focus is given to how to acquire the technology in question. As such,... Read More

A New Method for Triaging New Technologies

February 21, 2017
External technology evaluation processes vary greatly across organizations based on the internal needs, industry trends, and corporate strategy. However, organizations that have a high throughput of technologies in their evaluation process find that maintaining a detailed structure allows them to... Read More

Expanding Your Open Innovation Network

January 11, 2017
External technology networks consist of industry experts, supply chain partners, university researchers, start-ups, and government research laboratories. These technology networks change as new partners emerge and new technologies are unveiled within existing partner networks. In order to gain an... Read More

Open Innovation in the 21st Century

December 06, 2016
The world is growing smaller. In a globalized economy, companies cannot sit back and rely on local market dominance. The opening up of capital and talent for startups and the removal of barriers to competition from foreign firms means that today’s established leaders are facing a market assault... Read More

3 Tech Scouting Mistakes to Avoid

November 04, 2016
The tech scouts we work with have shared their deepest fears and past blunders. Here’s some strategies to avoid the same fate: Read More

Everyone Is a Tech Scout, Including You

September 30, 2016
Technology scouting remains vital for the innovation of organizations, yet you do not consider yourself to be a tech scout. Maybe you should. Although it may not be in your job title, tech scouting is most likely embedded in your job description. Even though there are few dedicated tech scouts,... Read More

7 Transformative Biotech Start-ups to Scout in 2016-17

August 29, 2016
“The Biotech industry is, by its very nature, a live representation of the trophic cascades and a field that ruled by pure Darwinism,” as I noted at the “start-ups and tech transfer” roundtable session during the American Society for Cell Biology in San Diego, CA last year. Read More

Olympic Innovations: How Technology Impacted Swimming

August 17, 2016
Nearly every Olympics, we hear about a new broken world record in one sport or another. While much of this can be attributed to better training, coaching, and dietary techniques, the headlines never focus on the impact that technology has on these records. Although we like to believe that new... Read More

5 Tactics to Improve Your Technology Scouting

August 08, 2016
Identifying cutting-edge technology is simply the first step of technology scouting. The key to effective tech scouting is to capture the right opportunity at the right time. We assembled a list of five tactics to help you streamline your process. Read More




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