The Top 5 Challenges Tech Transfer Offices Face in 2024

February 22, 2024
As technology transfer offices continue to play a crucial role in translating research into real-world applications, they face an evergrowing series of challenges that make it difficult to achieve their missions. This article explores the top five challenges facing these Tech Transfer Offices in... Read More

Are companies doing enough to reduce CO2 emissions?

December 14, 2023
According to arecent Ipsos report, 59% of people think that companies aren’t working hard enough to combat climate change. And 71% believe businesses “use environmental claims without committing to real change at least occasionally.” This is despite the fact that in recent years, corporations have... Read More

How ChatGPT and AI may impact sustainability across industries

November 27, 2023
ChatGPT was released about a year ago, and conversations around how this new AI model would shake the world began. Whether the topic was replacing employee functions, improving efficiency and effectiveness, or providing ease for everyday activities, the world predicted ChatGPT had a lot of... Read More

Exploring ChatGPT and AI Impact on Supply Chain Management

October 10, 2023
Since ChatGPT’s release in late 2022, we’ve explored several use cases about the exciting technologies' potential impact on various industries. This article will explore the benefits and shortcomings of ChatGPT and other AIs in today's supply chain management. Customer satisfaction, overall... Read More

Overcoming Challenges in Research Hospital Tech Transfer Offices with TTO Management and Scouting Software

September 11, 2023
Read More

Strategic Innovation: The Importance of Executive Support

August 21, 2023
Many innovation departments across industries are operating productively. They practice well-understood core innovative activities: discovering short-term technologies that appropriately compete with their competitors, staying in line with their current customer's needs, and continuing to produce... Read More

UP… UPC… EP… What does this all mean?

July 12, 2023
As the Sunrise Period has recently ended, clients continue to express an interest in better understanding the options and implications of applying for a Unitary Patent (UP) and how their existing European Patents (EP) if not proactively opted out, will be under the dual jurisdiction of the Unified... Read More

How will ChatGPT (AI) Impact the Agriculture Industry

June 27, 2023
We previously explored how ChatGPT will drive innovation, now we’re taking a closer look at the agricultural industry to see how this platform will impact agriculture in the years to come. This article explores the six methods that will increase yields and decrease cost and time for the growing... Read More

The Next Generation of Battery Technology - Three Metals that May Displace Lithium in the Search for Sustainable Batteries

June 12, 2023
Charging station availability, charging time, and range anxiety are only three of the major obstacles consumers face when operating electric vehicles (EVs), and despite the potential of battery swapping systems (BSS) to overcome these obstacles, there remain more serious issues surrounding their... Read More

Why We Joined Wellspring – from the CEO of IP Pragmatics

June 07, 2023
In February we were pleased to announce IP Pragmatics becoming part of Wellspring, the culmination of a partnership that started 6 years ago. Both then and now, our work together has been a reflection of our common goal to build end-to-end tech transfer, IP, and innovation management solutions that... Read More
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