Designed for Your Audience

We collaborated with Tech Scouts to understand how they shop for opportunities. We interviewed AUTM & ASTP members, our own corporate clients, faculty, and others. We listened to what they wanted to see and how they wanted to see it.

The result is Flintbox’s new design: A modern, online system that provides clear and consistent summaries of technologies, startups, and faculty expertise.

Plus, it’s easy to use. Follow a suggested template to organize your message across technologies or customize your own. It’s your choice.

Best of all, we put your technologies in front of the largest external audience. With over 600 institutions contributing opportunities, Tech Scouts rely on Flintbox as a critical part of finding academic partners.

An audience watching a presenter point to a shining light bulb, indicating a new invention.

Streamline Your Marketing


Plug and Play

Flintbox is seamless with your website. Just cut and paste our 2 lines of code into your page and you’re all set.


Integrated with Sophia

Keep your content fresh with a streamlined Sophia integration. Have a new team member? Their portfolio will get their contact information as soon as it’s assigned to them.


Shared on the Largest Network

Just by posting to your own website, your technologies are shared to AUTM AIM (for members) and will join over 58,000 opportunities on Wellspring’s Scouting platform, where they are enhanced with related IP filings, publications, startups, and more.

Online Licensing

Flintbox includes an online licensing platform designed for Technology Transfer. A license library, options for pre-approval, shipping, and secure credit card transactions are built-in.

The checkout phase within Wellspring's Flintbox software, showing how individuals can license new technology online.

Promote Your Startups

The new Startups section calls out key information for early-stage deals, including product details, capital status, and founders. Founders are linked to available Technologies to automatically create a complete profile of your most active inventors.

The startups section of Wellspring's Flintbox software, demonstrating how startups can promote their new technologies.
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