Open Innovation in a Networked World

The days of closed-door invention are long gone. The most innovative companies actively scout for new technologies and partners.

But how do you coordinate technology partners globally? How do you keep track of technologies in the pipeline? How do you integrate internal needs and external opportunities?

Tech Scouting is a complex business. And like other parts of the company, tech scouting teams depend on core systems and tools. Wellspring’s purpose-built software ensures rigor, clarity, and productivity for sustained success no matter the size of your scouting organization, whether you are a team of 3 or 100.

Tech scouting professionals greeting while standing no a globe representing a connected world.

Tools and Data for your Scouting Needs


Technology Search

Identify and source the technologies your organization needs. Search 400M+ records including scientific grants, research publications, patents, and much more.


Partners & Startups

Find the right partners for your co-development efforts. Scan the portfolios of millions of companies, institutions, and startups in seconds using Scout’s machine learning-powered tools.


Competitive Intelligence

Develop your understanding of key players and emergent threats in any technology space. Conduct in-depth analysis of the innovation strategy for any company or institution.

Landscape Insights

Analyze which technology areas are trending toward maturity, which organizations are collaborating together, and which researchers, companies, and institutions are most active in a given field.

Wellspring software showing a visual representation of connected organizations based on a blockchain-related search.

Comprehensive Search

Find data you can’t get anywhere else. Scan the world’s innovation resources from a single interface, including public and proprietary sources. Browse inventions and patents related to your search. The curated data you need is right at your fingertips.

A search engine results page within the Wellspring software where the keywords are highlighted within the search results.

Opportunity Development

Track and manage complex technology development cycles with ease. Get complete visibility of all externally sourced opportunities and their current state of development.

A dashboard within the Wellspring software showing statistics on a technology opportunity.

Pipeline Tracking

Take the guesswork out of your scouting pipeline. Track all projects in one place, locate which scouting efforts delivered the most value, and coordinate search efforts globally.

Wellspring software showing all of the projects in the user's scouting pipeline.
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