Disruption is the new normal

Innovation has never been more important. Yet the levers of success are opaque. How do you coordinate technology partners? Which technologies are in the pipeline? At what development stage? How does knowledge flow through the organization?

CRM powers sales organizations. PLM supports product groups. Innovation needs an operating system. Purpose-built software brings discipline and clarity. That’s where we come in.

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A Platform Built for Your Needs



Gain insight into research inside and outside of your company: internal innovation projects, emergingtechnologies, disruptive startups, and more.



Instill business rigor and process consistency in scanning thelandscape, identifying opportunities, and developing technologies for market.



Build a scalable innovation program across your enterprise, regardless of starting team size, project portfolio, or geographic footprint.

Comprehensive Scouting

Data you can’t get anywhere else. Powered by machine learning, Wellspring scans a curated list of 2,000+ databases in real time. Search everything from early-stage research to licensable inventions to startup investment opportunities.

A search engine results page within the Wellspring software where the keywords are highlighted within the search results.

Workflow Management

Manage complex technology development cycles with ease. Gain visibility into all activities in your innovation program, from co-creation to licensing and investments to prototypes.

A dashboard within the Wellspring software showing statistics on a technology opportunity.

Pipeline Insights

Take the guesswork out of your R&D pipeline. Track all projects in one place, locate which efforts produce the most value, and find opportunities to coordinate efforts globally.

Wellspring software showing all of the projects in the user's Research and Development pipeline.

Robust Reporting

Finally, innovation dashboards that actually work. Wellspring’s flexible reports facilitate understanding and guide action across the portfolio.

A dashboard within Wellspring's software showing data related to innovation records.
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