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Corporate Innovation

Conduct competitive intelligence in key technology areas. Identify potential co-development partners at leading companies and institutions. Develop landscape maps and sector analyses to guide R&D and innovation strategies.


Technology Scouting

Find the right technologies to power your innovation efforts, no matter how obscure or hard-to-find. See what the leaders are saying and doing in your industry. Identify promising startups before they become headlines.


Tech Transfer

Create comprehensive lists of potential licensees for your institution’s technologies. Increase the volume, reach, and productivity of your marketing efforts without increasing your office’s workload.

Comprehensive Search

Scan the largest database of innovation from a single interface: access research programs, collaborations, emerging companies, blogs and news articles, inventions, and patents. Gain access to proprietary data you won’t find anywhere else.

A search engine results page within the Wellspring software where the keywords are highlighted within the search results.

Landscape Insights

Visualize which organizations are collaborating together, and on what types of innovations. See which researchers, companies, and institutions are most active in a given field.

Data points within the Wellspring software offering a visual representation of organizations that are working together.

Trend Analysis

Understand which technology areas are trending toward maturity, and compare the differential contributions of industry and academia over time.

Line graph example showing how Wellspring's Scout tool visualizes the maturity trends of multiple technology areas.

Organization Profiles

View the complete technology and innovation portfolios of universities, research institutions, corporations, startups, and more.

Wellspring's Scout tool showing data groups profiling the technology and innovation portfolios of a health organization.
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