Never Miss Another Deadline

Your company’s IP portfolio is expanding. Missing just one deadline can endanger an entire product. There’s no room for error. Meanwhile your external counsel bill is exponentially increasing when that money could be better used elsewhere.

Using spreadsheets and slapdash IP systems won’t cut it. Instead, manage your growing IP portfolio accurately and efficiently with professional software that's easy to use, while staying on budget.

Wellspring delivers automated docketing processes, easy invention disclosures, streamlined workflows, and visibility on contract obligations for everyone. Never miss important deadlines and details again.


Full-Service IP Software. Affordable Price Tag.



The most flexible and comprehensive suite of tools on the market. Start with want you want, then add and configure tools when you need them.



Have a growing IP portfolio but not the budget for a massive system? Get software that is less expensive than the bigger players but with all the capabilities you need.



With a proven implementation process, round-the-clock access to data, and professional support, hundreds of organizations trust our software to manage their IP.

Automate Manual Processes

Receive automatic updates when critical patent events occur. Easily generate docket reports, automate reminders and action items, and pay fees online. Save your team hassle and bandwidth.


Integrated Online Disclosures

Seamlessly integrate online disclosures with your IP and docketing system. Staff can submit disclosures using their existing corporate account and password. The system automatically creates a new record and notifies your team and the inventor.


Manage Contracts & Licenses

Manage and store all of your agreements, from the first draft to the executed contract, in one place. Automatic calculations for key dates plus automated reminders to ensure you meet every deadline.

Start your path to streamlined IP management