The Innovation Project Matrix

November 02, 2017
Managing Innovation Project Pipelines Read More

Four Open Innovation Techniques

June 29, 2017
There are four main tactics that organizations commonly use for inbound open innovation; tech scouting, vertical collaboration, horizontal collaboration, and technology sourcing. These four tactics are all positively correlated with innovation performance and are all useful to firms who are seeking... Read More

Technology Scouting – Horizon Scanning Processes

May 23, 2017
Why horizon scanning is valuable Read More

What New Tech Scouting Teams Need To Know

April 04, 2017
New tech scouting teams need to establish a clear scouting process early on to avoid mistakes down the road. Most scouting units are less than three years old, and as such, many are still experiencing growing pains and uncertainty. If your company has recently formed a scouting unit, there are some... Read More

3 Tips - Scouting For Technology at the AUTM 2017 Annual Meeting & Elsewhere

March 02, 2017
The AUTM Annual Meeting is a great place for corporate technology scouts and business development teams to discover emerging university technologies. However, with over 500 attendees and three days of sessions, learning about every new invention just isn’t possible. To make the most out of your... Read More

Evaluating Technology Readiness —A Formal Equation

August 01, 2016
Is it time to rethink the nearly twenty-eight-year-old technology readiness level (TRL) framework? The TRL is by far the most popular evaluation framework for corporate technology scouts, but although it can easily be applied to a wide range of opportunities, the generality of the system ignores... Read More

Tech Scouting Assets - The Technology Landscape Map

April 19, 2016
Having difficulty sorting through external technology in a way that easily translates into a business strategy? Scouting teams are faced with the difficult challenge of scouring through an ever-increasing pool of external innovations and identifying which ones have the potential to create a... Read More

How do top semiconductor companies scout for new technology?

March 24, 2016
Read More

5 Tips for Successful Industrial Research Partnerships

October 29, 2015
5 Tips for Successful Industrial Research Partnerships Read More

In Case You Missed It – 2015 Wellspring User Group Meeting

October 20, 2015
To those of you who did attend, thank you for making the 2015 Wellspring User Group Meeting our most successful user group meeting to date. The event was a tremendous success for us, and we received very helpful suggestions for the continued improvement of Wellspring products and client... Read More
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