Scan Over 2,000 Scientific DATABASES

 Researchers, Organizations, and Fields of Study

Every half hour 150 scientific articles are published, 720 patents are filed, and 80 start-ups are founded. Which one of these will disrupt your industry? Wellspring scans 2000+ data sources to identify new technologies and networks of related research or scientific collaboration, helping you understand technology ecosystems and see disruption before its too late.

  • IP Records
  • Clinical Trials Data
  • Grants
  • Academic Publications
  • Start-ups
  • Licensable Inventions

More Than Patents

Finding Innovation Everywhere

Patents are a small portion of a broader innovation landscape. Your team needs to understand emerging research to better map trends. They need to see the landscape of active grants to better gauge the velocity of change. They need to monitor start-up activity to identify potential investments or potential competitors. Wellspring gives you unique access to the entire innovation landscape, combining early, mid, and late stage technology assets in a single, user-friendly tool.


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Technology Ecosystems

Who are the top researchers in the field you want to explore? Which organizations have ongoing projects and who are they working with? What is your competition doing? Wellspring answers all these questions and more.

It's Who You Know

Technology Ecosystems

Wellspring stitches together disparate information from thousands of databases to create useful profiles. That means your team can identify a key researcher in a given field, and quickly view all of their current work, past work, collaboration partners, and contact those researchers directly. Furthermore, Wellspring actively maps technology ecosystems, allowing you to quickly visualize ongoing and historic collaborations between organizations from around the world.