Technology Scouting

Software for technology search, innovation management, and IP licensing.


Discover collaboration and investment opportunities.


Compare technology opportunities and monitor emerging trends.

Corporate innovation teams rely on Wellspring's unique software platform to run their programs. Find technology opportunities and partner with universities, researchers, and start-ups to deliver the next generation products.

  • Ideation
  • Project Pipelines
  • Technology Search
  • Data Management
  • Opportunity Evaluation
  • Budgeting
  • Strategy

Crowdsourcing Doesn't Work

Crowdsourcing is great for generating a lot of ideas, but then what? How do you find the technologies to make those ideas work, how do you collaborate across the organization, and how do you scale your efforts without missing something big? The only way to improve innovation is to move beyond ideation and embrace systematic, professional, and repeatable processes.

Technology Search

Patents are Only Part of The Story

Comprehensive technology scouting. Wellspring scans a curated list of 2000+ scientific databases, including our own proprietary data, to provide complete understanding of important technologies. From early-stage research to licensable inventions to start-up investment opportunities, Wellspring finds the solution to your technology needs.


Make Better Decisions

Compare Technology Opportunities

Our users can evaluate 30% more opportunities without adding additional headcount. Wellspring provides a complete view of your project pipeline, empowers users to evaluate each new opportunity, and enables managers to measure, compare, and report on critical data.

Professional innovation requires standardization, repeatability, and measurement.


Technology Landscape Mapping

How do companies identify technology opportunities? How do leading organizations scan the horizon for emerging trends, issues, and disruption?

Experienced Project Management

Hundreds of teams have implemented Wellspring software. Many were using spreadsheets or shared drives before they moved to Wellspring and our professional implementation team has experience migrating ad-hoc data and assisting new teams as they define processes. Whether you're seeking best practices or scaling your current program, Wellspring professionals will configure a system purpose-built for your needs.

Comprehensive Solutions

Every innovation team has different priorities, from ideation to research collaborations to venture investing. Wellspring was designed to work well for small teams and enterprise deployments alike. We configure each system to fit your unique use case. Wellspring combines the creative spark of ideation tools, the systematic organization of PLM's, and the most comprehensive technology search tool.

Featured Content

Innovation at Westinghouse - Video

Innovation Program Manager, Cenk Guler discusses the Westinghouse Electric Company’s unique approach to radical innovation. The webinar focuses on the value of documenting, empowering, and adjusting a core innovation process for ideation, project management, and reporting. Mr. Guler discusses the challenges of allowing engineering and R&D teams enough freedom to creatively approach radical innovation while also maintaining commercial rigor and feasibility.

Technology Search Tool

Wellspring software scans 2000+ data sources covering patents, SEC filings, academic discoveries, grants, and more. Wellspring then uses machine learning to stitch together comprehensive profiles of innovative people, organizations, and technology areas.

Most innovation teams rely on a mix of email, spreadsheets, and shared drives. It's time to embrace a professional solution.

Professional Innovation Management

Helping you define strategic innovation projects, identify technology solutions, and evaluate fit and feasibility