Measure Your Innovation Results

Evaluate Technologies, Uncover Trends, Act-On Opportunities

Embrace systematic innovation by tracking, measuring, and streamlining your operations. Wellspring powers long-term, strategic thinking by enforcing rigorous evaluation processes, enabling detailed reporting and insights, and by creating an enterprise-wide culture of professional innovation.

  • Technical Fit
  • Market Readiness
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Collaboration
  • Data Insights

Empowering Results

Avoiding Duplicated Efforts

Wellspring connects key individuals from marketing, engineering, product development and more. Beyond that, however, Wellspring stores institutional knowledge. Engineers may have research contacts that your scouts don't. Marketing teams may have already evaluated licensing opportunity and deemed it unfeasible. Your own scouts may not share information with one another. Wellspring empowers you to access the complete archive of your institutional knowledge.

Trend Analysis

Wellspring enables technology horizon scanning, landscape mapping, and future trends prediction. The better your information, the more likely it is that you will see disruption early enough to act on it.

Effective WoRkflows

Make Better Decisions

Wellspring users reduced the time it takes to evaluate opportunities by 40%. With built-in workflows for initial triage, technical fit, market readiness, and more, Wellspring streamlines the process of opportunity evaluation and accelerates your project pipeline.