Take Control of Your Office


Manage Dynamic Workloads

Our Client Success team can cover the workload in between staff members. When a new person has been onboarded we offer services to train them specifically for your office.


Improve Cost Efficiencies

Hiring trained experts helps your team come up to speed quickly on complex tasks - rather than needing to hire someone new with overhead and training requirements.


Increase Productivity

We can take on your operational and administrative tasks instead of spending your team’s valuable time on these activities.

Agreement Entry and/or Agreement Audits

Review all agreements in Sophia for detail and term accuracy to enable automated alerts for upcoming fees or obligations.

  • Reports for upcoming due dates or past due items
  • Agreement financial terms
  • Agreement non-financial terms
  • Reports to show unfulfilled items 
  • Best practices - SOP creation

Docketing Services

We can manage your organization’s IP throughout its entire lifecycle - from reporting inventions to entering office actions and more.

  • Create new invention records and enter correspondence in Sophia
  • Create new IP records as filed
  • Enter IP deadlines into Sophia
  • Provide monthly docket reports for upcoming deadlines
docketing services

iEdison Reporting and/or Cleanup

Report federally-funded inventions to iEdison directly through Sophia. If there are current inventions needing review, we provide cleanup in Sophia as well as on iEdison.

  • Update Sophia with iEdison information on the invention record 
  • Enter details into utilization forms for required inventions 
  • Work to clear errors and notifications for backlogs
  • Elect Title or Not Elect Title prior to deadline




  • Expense entry 
  • Reconciliations 
  • Licensee invoicing for reimbursement of expenses or license fee obligations 
  • Process revenue distributions

Configurable Solutions that Grow with You

Every institution is different. Some manage IP in a small office, while others join tech transfer, corporate relations, and sponsored research in one team. Not every office needs every feature or platform.

And as you grow, your software grows with you.

Supplementing your central database with spreadsheets and home-grown databases only increases the risk of error. Your system should adapt as your initiatives evolve, with the ability to add additional features and modules.

Don’t let your management software hold you back. We work with you to provide a solution that supports your office’s unique needs. With Wellspring, you can manage everything in one trusted system.

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