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Wellspring is a different type of software system: built for flexibility. Wellspring uses interchangeable modules and generalized functions that can be applied to each installation. This approach enables rapid deployment, configuration, and acceptance testing. You select modules that match your needs.

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  • Agreements
  • Inventions
  • CRM and Marketing
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Finance and Agreements

Comprehensive Tools

All agreements are maintained dynamically to update financial statements and manage the health of a contract. All agreement records cover monies owed, reporting obligations, expiration of agreement clauses, and other key conditions. A user can establish rules to automatically monitor and e-mail key parties as payments and obligations approach their due date, exceed their due date or are “out of bounds.”

Scalable to Your Needs

No two tech transfer offices are alike, and Wellspring was designed to scale based on your requirements. Learn more about our 30+ modules and integrations and let Wellspring design a tool that works for you.

Online Project Requests

Working With Faculty

The Project submission tool is designed to allow users to configure text, question type, and question order for the submission of any type of project record (Project/Grant proposals, etc.). All standard fields in the Project details section, along with organizations and people, can be mapped to the data entry values. The submission review tool allows administrators to review and easily create new Project records in Wellspring. Setup and configuration of the submission forms, testing, permission configuration, and training is included with the purchase of this module.