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Adaptable Workflows, Projects, and More

Wellspring provides a straightforward, easy-to-use tech transfer software that seamlessly adapts to your office's unique use case. Wellspring modules feature comprehensive views of agreements, projects, inventions, and more, all of which are set up to display the information that matters most to you.

  • Templates
  • Advanced Workflows
  • Custom Invention Disclosures
  • Real-world Financials
  • Limitless Reporting

Advanced Workflows

Software and Process

Advanced Workflow functionality enables system users to set-up workflows on a given record (Invention, Projects, or Agreements) that are specific to the procedures and approval processes required by the institution. Each Workflow includes steps that can be assigned to particular individuals whereby when the individual logs into Wellspring they receive notice as their assigned tasks are coming due. Steps are either approvals required by the individual or tasks to be completed. Individuals with access to Wellspring, including analysts, licensing officers, and faculty, view tasks assigned to them on their homepage with a visual status indicating upcoming tasks, tasks approaching deadlines, and overdue tasks.

Award-winning User Experience

Wellspring was designed to make your life easier by functioning the way a real office does. No more clunky interfaces, no more long loading times, no more clicking back and forth.

Online Project Requests

Working With Faculty

The Project submission tool is designed to allow users to configure text, question type, and question order for the submission of any project record (Project/Grant proposals, etc.). All standard fields in the Project details section, along with organizations and people, can be mapped to the data entry values. The submission review tool allows administrators to review and create new Project records in Wellspring. Setup and configuration of the submission forms, testing, permission configuration, and training is included with the purchase of this module.