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Over the past 5 years, tech transfer activities have greatly expanded. Patent filings are up 24%, licenses are up 30%, and the number of university spin-outs has nearly doubled. Yet staffing has lagged. Total TTO staffing has increased by only 11% overall and by 2% among Licensing Officers over this time period. Teams are being asked to do more work with fewer staff. Wellspring empowers tech transfer offices to meet these demands by driving efficiency and streamlining workflows.

200+ Satisfied Clients

Over 200 leading research organizations have increased revenue, streamlined invention disclosures, and filed more patent applications with Wellspring software. Offices large and small depend on our 30+ modules and plug-ins to manage every aspect of technology transfer. Wellspring has you covered.


Proactive Invention Disclosures

Every year universities miss out on countless revenue opportunities because faculty fail to file invention disclosures.

Technology transfer offices that monitor ongoing grants at their organization are able to proactively contact faculty near the end of a grant and guide researchers through the disclosure process.

Wellspring's new tech transfer research feature plus our online disclosure portal ensure that you will never miss an opportunity. Uncover all of your organization's grants, identify those that are near completion, and enable TTO staff to proactively contact faculty about new invention disclosures.

Capture More Disclosures

Proactive Invention Disclosures


30+ Modules, Plug-ins and, Integrations

Finance, accounting, and agreements management make up a significant portion of technology transfer.

Offices that are able to easily manage complex workflows, link data to external systems, and monitor the details of their portfolio will generate more revenue and license more technologies.

Wellspring provides over 30 modules, plug-ins, and integrations to help streamline technology transfer. Wellspring provides the most advanced financial systems, the most comprehensive agreements features, and seamless connections to any other critical system at your organization.

Manage Every Aspect of Tech Transfer

Advanced Agreements Database


14 Years As The Market Leader

Technology transfer offices that use a dedicated marketing system licenses 43% more technologies

Wellspring was founded by technology transfer professionals who know first hand how important marketing is to successful commercialization. We have spent the past fourteen years perfecting a system custom built for technology marketing.

Wellspring technology transfer software coordinates marketing campaigns, automates email programs, and connects directly to Flintbox, the largest online marketplace for university technologies.

Expert Technology Marketing

Sophisticated Marketing Campaigns

Flintbox Technology Marketplace

Wellspring operates Flintbox, the largest marketplace for university technology. Flintbox helps connect companies, researchers, inventors, and academic institutions or research facilities. Post your technologies and gain visibility.

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Intuitive Design

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Constant Evolution

Configurable to your processes

Why force staff to change the way they do their jobs?

The Wellspring technology transfer platform provides an award-winning user experience. Our software can be easily configured to fit your processes and procedures so that staff can quickly adjust to the new system.

Wellspring software provides best-in-class tools designed to make your life easier to ensure a smooth transition and long-term success. No more clunky interfaces, no more slow loading times, and no need to learn a whole new process.

Make Life Easier

Software That Innovates

Technology Transfer continues to evolve as teams become more and more sophisticated.

Wellspring takes pride in our commitment to grow with the market, anticipate demands, and innovate as frequently as you do. Our solutions are built on customer feedback, years of experience, and the desire to make technology transfer as efficient and effective as possible.

Wellspring technology transfer software delivers world-class technology to organizations large and small.

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