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Why do more offices choose Wellspring software? For over 14 years we have invested in our product and our customers. Wellspring has more engineers than the next three solutions providers combined. We are committed to developing new features, new integrations, and a better experience for tech transfer offices around the world.

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Our Experts Are Always On Call

Wellspring staff have a combined 60 years working in tech transfer offices, and we have implemented over 50 clients migrating from other solutions providers. Our staff are dedicated to your success, and they understand your needs. Wellspring customer support staff are always there, and always willing to help.

Intuitive Tools

Software That Works The Way You Do

The Sophia platform provides award-winning user experience. Sophia can be easily configured to fit your processes so that staff quickly adapt to the new system. Adjust workflows, field names, report data, and more.

We work tirelessly to engage your staff and ensure that everyone is comfortable using our tools. Learn more by clicking the link below

Modern Engineering

Constantly Learning More

Wellspring leads the market because of innovation. We have 300,000 engineering hours in our products. Our product and client service professionals actively engage with the tech transfer community to identify new features, create better workflows, and design more user-friendly interfaces.

The tech transfer industry has changed greatly over the past 14 years and Wellspring has continued to evolve with it.

Marketing Technologies

Teams that actively promote technologies with events, Flintbox postings and email campaigns generate more licensing revenue. Watch this webinar with tech transfer experts from STC.UNM as they discuss their approach to technology marketing.

We're All Doing More With Less

Over the past five years, patent filings are up 24%, licenses are up 30%, and spin-outs have nearly doubled. Yet, total TTO staffing has increased by only 11% overall and only 2% among Licensing Officers over this time. Wellspring empowers tech transfer offices to meet increasing demands by driving efficiency and streamlining workflows.

Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

Hundreds of leading research organizations have increased revenue, streamlined invention disclosures, and filed more patent applications with Wellspring software. Offices large and small depend on our 30+ modules and plug-ins to manage every aspect of technology transfer. Wellspring has you covered.

Information When You Need It

Wellspring maintains a 360-degree relationship structure, meaning each record type can be associated with any other record types. See all of the relevant information in one convenient place. Wellspring connects data from every aspect of tech transfer and organizes it in an easy to understand, reliable way.

Proactive Invention Disclosures

Every year universities miss out on countless revenue opportunities because faculty fail to file invention disclosures. Wellspring's new tech transfer research feature ensures that you will never miss an opportunity. Uncover all of your organization's grants, identify those that are near completion, and enable TTO staff to contact faculty about new invention disclosures proactively.

"Wellspring clients earned 46% more licensing revenue." 

14 Years As The Market Leader

Why do more offices choose Wellspring? Because we offer top-of-the-line software, unbeatable service, and a personal approach to each client.