Qmarkets Partners with Wellspring to Take Advantage of Best-in-Class Open Innovation Data

CHICAGO, IL, April 6, 2022 -- Wellspring, the leading provider of Innovation Ops software, today announced that it will partner with Qmarkets, a leading idea and innovation management software company, by integrating data and research capabilities from Wellspring Scout directly into Qmarkets’ open innovation solution.

“Wellspring provides unmatched innovation data insights, and our platform offers the perfect solution to manage the strategic processes that are necessary to implement those insights.” said Noam Danon, CEO of Qmarkets. “We believe there is an incredible synergy between Qmarkets and Wellspring.”

Wellspring’s AI-driven Scout platform provides clients with more than 400 million records from across the global innovation ecosystem – including patents, academic research, scientific grants, startups, clinical trials, press releases, and more – to help organizations find partners, license technologies, and fine-tune their innovation strategies.

Qmarkets offers a full suite of innovation management applications, designed to help enterprise clients deliver impact across a wide variety of innovation use-cases and strategic business challenges.

By partnering with Qmarkets, Wellspring will offer its data-driven innovation intelligence and technology scouting tools to an ever-expanding proportion of today’s most innovative organizations.

“We are thrilled that Qmarkets has chosen Wellspring as their primary open innovation data source,” said Robert Lowe, CEO of Wellspring. “From longstanding experience, we know there is great power in leveraging comprehensive ecosystem information at every stage of a company’s innovation pipeline.”

About Wellspring 

Wellspring is the world's leading provider of Innovation Ops software and solutions for corporations, universities, and government agencies. We help clients succeed in today's innovation economy by coordinating global R&D and innovation programs – managing development portfolios, researching technology trends, finding innovation partners, identifying startups, and commercializing inventions. Wellspring works with more than 500 organizations worldwide to support the continued development of the global Knowledge Supply Chain. For more information, please visit wellspring.com.

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About Qmarkets

Our end-to-end suite of applications empower you to leverage the full potential of your innovation ecosystem and create a self-sustaining growth engine for your company.

With the intelligent AI-infused Qmarkets platform you can easily define and manage crowdsourcing processes to engage any audience, for any innovation use-case. This enables you to identify, review, and implement the most relevant ideas, trends, or insights, and deliver immediate ROI for your organization.

When you choose Qmarkets, you are choosing an innovation partner that is obsessed with your success, with over 500 successful installations at leading companies worldwide, including Ford, Lufthansa, Intel, and many more.

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