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Don't Settle For a Legacy System

Wellspring software sets the market standard for user experience, innovative features, and powerful tools. Some of the legacy systems on the market haven't had any significant upgrades in years. Literal years. Your office deserves a system that will continue to invest in the future of technology transfer, and continue to innovate as much as you do.

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Research Management

Compliance and Transparency

Keep your finger on the pulse of every research project. Wellspring’s collaborative Project module is the center of all activity. This project-based approach enables everyone – grants administrators, research coordinators, faculty, deans, and institutional leadership – to work in partnership on one unified software platform. Wellspring guides you through every step of the process, including research administration, clinical trials, awards, compliance, IP, and more.

The Best Tech Transfer Software

From offices of one to offices of over one hundred, Wellspring has you covered. We provide top of the line software backed by decades of industry expertise.

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The Largest Online Marketplace

Flintbox revolutionizes how industry and university partners find opportunities to collaborate. With over 27,000 active postings from over 600 research institutions, Flintbox is the largest and most comprehensive marketplace for promoting academic technologies, research projects, and startups. The most successful organizations in the world can effectively navigate technology ecosystems to promote discoveries and connect with new partners.