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Wellspring connects the key aspects of professional intellectual property management in a single, user-friendly system. Empower your IP counsel, paralegals, inventors, and technology managers with a professional solution for intellectual property management.

Designed For Growing Portfolios

"We were able to reduce the time spent on IP management tasks and data entry by over 100 hours a year. For a small team, those time savings are invaluable."


Replace Spreadsheets and Email

As your IP portfolio grows it becomes more and more challenging to manage critical details.

IP teams that rely on a centralized database for idea submissions, invention disclosures, and patent committee approvals can save time and protect against mistakes.

Wellspring intellectual property management software coordinates every aspect of your invention workflow, automates key steps, and connects data so that information can be easily shared across the organization.

Expert Invention Management

Invention Disclosure Features

Docketing Integration The invention disclosure tool seamlessly integrates with the docketing system to save time and effort.
Workflow Automation The system provides witnessing/approval functions for invention disclosures before reporting to the docketing administrator.
Input Automation Inputs by a user trigger the automated generation of a sequential new distinct case/matter numbers. Users are able to enter information related to the invention disclosure so that the docketing system has all necessary baseline invention disclosure information for both the user and the attorney (e.g., invention title, inventor names, date of invention, a brief description of the invention, organizational information, technology field, etc.). Users also receive an email confirmation of the invention disclosure with the automated docket number included.
Responsible Organization The system provides a drop-down menu of organizational codes (including the spelled out name) to facilitate the identification of the responsible organization. These dropdowns are fully configurable by the system Admin.
Export Control Laws The invention disclosure system meets all U.S. Export Control Laws and is limited to U.S. Persons as defined in the U.S. Export Control Laws.
Status View Each user is able to view the status of their own invention disclosures. Designated supervisory personnel also have the ability to view the status of all the inventors in their organization. The attorneys and legal support staff have the ability to view the status of any invention disclosure.
Searchable Archive Invention disclosures are searchable by a variety of parameters to include the docket number, application number(s), publication number(s), titles, keywords, inventors, etc. Furthermore, the search function is able to read flat PDF documents stored within invention disclosure system and return these documents as a search result
Date Stamps Each entry uploaded into the system gets an automatic date/time stamp. This ensures that multiple inventors uploading files to the same invention disclosure can distinguish between files having the same name. Each upload will also attach the name of the person uploading the invention disclosure and/or additional invention disclosure information.
Custom Forms Invention disclosure forms are fully configurable to fit your unique needs.

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Proactive Invention Disclosures


Automate Manual Processes

Intellectual property management requires a disciplined and rigorous approach that can tie up valuable staff time.

Small teams need to execute IP docketing tasks consistently and effectively. Repeating manual data entry, review, or reporting processes eats up hours of valuable time.

With automated date reminders, clear docket schedules, and robust reporting, Wellspring delivers the automation you need to run an effective and streamlined IP operation.

Work Smarter

Docketing Features

Automated Docketing Wellspring's automated docketing system is based on country laws and provides real time updates of these laws including USPTO rules, Madrid Protocol and other international laws. New distinct numbers are generated sequentially for the uptake of invention disclosures. The related patent, child, and trademark records correspond with the number assigned.
Date Rules The Wellspring system provides automated calculation of standard actions' dates and reminders specific to country law.
Document Uploads Users can easily upload documents such as office actions, assignments, etc. for others to view within the system.
Docket Reports Attorneys and legal staff can easily generate integrated docket reports that include actions due from all modules. The system generates automated email reminders with new actions and sends them to responsible attorneys and support staff. Furthermore, the system can also generate and send emails to inventors, supervisors and other designated personnel.
Permission Controls Admin settings allow users to designate custom read-only user types that will not be able to view pending office actions.
Inventor Awards Wellspring simplifies inventor awards. The system includes functionality for the eligibility, tracking, and event processing of inventor awards.
USPTO Connection Wellspring provides integration with USPTO databases to electronically retrieve USPTO correspondence.
Archived Case Numbers Wellspring allows users to easily search historical case numbers.
Agreement Linking The system links to agreements with associated patents or trademarks - users are able to see the associated patents or trademarks from a license, and see the associated licenses from a patent or trademark.

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Advanced Docketing


Eliminate Human Error

Missing just one renewal can leave your organization exposed to risk. Your portfolio has no room for human error.

IP teams that leverage professional software are less likely to miss important details. Users receive alerts when critical tasks are due, workflows prevent steps from being skipped, and robust reporting makes identifying any problems simple and fast.

Wellspring connects the key aspects of professional intellectual property management in a single, user-friendly system. Manage annuities and maintenance with half the effort of traditional systems.

Protect Your Portfolio

Docketing Features

Patent Docketing The Wellspring annuity and maintenance features seamlessly integrate with the patent docketing system to provide a streamlined user experience.
Notices and Reminders Docketing notices and reminders appear directly in the patent or trademark records to increase visibility.
Payment Input Payments can be easily instructed through the system. Confirmation of payments is sent with automated emails.
Reports and Search Payment reminders, confirmation of payments, and due dates are searchable and are easy to visualize via advanced reporting capabilities in the database.
License Drafting The Wellspring system supports license drafting directly within the document management features.
Exportable Payments and other report information is easily exportable to Microsoft Excel file types to facilitate budgeting and audit work.
Data Integrity Validated information includes application number, jurisdiction, annuity year, due date, and renewal fee.

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Sophisticated Financial Queries

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IP Software for Small Teams

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No Hidden Service Charges

Comprehensive IP Toolset

Streamline your IP workflows and save staff time.

The Wellspring intellectual property management platform provides a full suite of specialized IP tools. Our software delivers the automation and flexibility needed to manage your portfolio.

Wellspring software provides best-in-class tools designed to make your life easier to ensure a smooth transition from your current system, as well as long-term success. No more spreadsheets, no more lost or missing data, and no time wasted looking for documents.

IP Software for Small Teams

Other Providers Charge For Services

Many IP software vendors make the majority of their revenue from services small teams don't need.

Wellspring provides powerful, sophisticated software without any attached services. Our solutions are built on customer feedback, years of experience, and the belief that good software and dedicated teams can solve any IP problem.

Wellspring intellectual property software delivers more features than other companies because we don't sell any additional IP services.

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