Intellectual Property Software


Helping you accurately and efficiently manage your growing IP portfolio with professional software that's easy to use.

Online Disclosures

Customizable online disclosure forms and streamlined data collection.

Patents & Trademarks

Automated docketing functions, patent office integration, and workflows.

Contract Management

Integrated tools for managing the full lifecycle of your agreements.

Is your portfolio becoming a problem? Wellspring's leading Intellectual Property software is the solution. Wellspring delivers automated docketing processes, easy invention disclosures, streamlined workflows, and visibility on contract obligations for everyone. Wellspring's modular system has the tools you need to take back control of your portfolio.

  • Invention Disclosures
  • Docketing
  • Contract Management
  • Annuities
  • USPTO EPO Integration
  • Prior Art Search

Growing Portfolios Vs. Shrinking Staff

Are your new filings accelerating while hiring has remained flat? Wellspring IP software offers a way to maximize your portfolio without adding additional headcount, allowing patent attorneys, corporate counsels, and paralegals to take back control of their portfolios.

Online Invention Submissions

Simplify The Disclosure Process

Wellspring’s online disclosure forms are configurable to your needs; start with a basic template and make it your own. Once submitted, you approve the disclosure with the click of a button, and the submission is automatically converted into invention records.

Engage your inventors with simple, powerful tools, and keep everyone up to date on changes in status. Click the link below for more details.

Contracts Management

Fully Integrated Contracts Management

Wellspring is the only IP software with built-in contracts management capabilities. Our contracts system tracks IP licensed, key agreement terms, payment due dates, and so much more. Ensure contract compliance and keep your portfolio organized!

Easy To Implement

Hundreds of teams have implemented Wellspring software. Many were using spreadsheets or shared drives before they moved to Wellspring, so our professional project management team has lots of experience migrating ad-hoc data. Wellspring has experience migrating customers from professional IP software systems as well.

Improved Workflows

With automated date reminders, clear docket schedules, and robust reporting, Wellspring delivers the visibility you need to run an effective, streamlined IP operation. Easily view status, upcoming decisions, and the relationships among each filing. Efficiently manage foreign filings from the priority record and archive documents and email with fully indexed search capabilities.

The Only Full Service IP Portfolio Management Tool

Wellspring was built to ensure reliability, scalability, and security. Our unique architecture allows Wellspring to handle all types of IP data, integrate with third-party systems, and manage portfolios from disclosures to protection to contracts. Learn why 200+ organizations around the world use Wellspring.

"Wellspring provides a complete view of our portfolio including invention details, filing deadlines, office actions, and more." - Corporate IP Manager

Take Control of your portfolio

Helping you accurately and efficiently manage your growing IP portfolio with professional software that's easy to use.