Generate Better Inventions

Connect Engineers, Researchers, and IP Staff

Companies that leverage a centralized database for idea submissions, invention disclosures and patent committee approvals save time and generate better inventions. Wellspring intellectual property software streamlines your invention workflow, automates vital steps, and connects data from across the organization.

  • Workflow Automation
  • Docketing Integration
  • Status View
  • Date Stamps
  • Custom Forms
  • Archive

Automated Disclosures

How It Works

Simply start with an existing template disclosure or customize your own. Once, launched, researchers and engineers login using their corporate account (no new passwords!) and complete the disclosure. Wellspring enables them to upload relevant, checks for required field and logical questions, and securely transmits the disclosure to your homepage for review and can email you a note that you’ve got a new invention. From your Wellspring homepage, you can review the disclosure and approve it with a click of a button. The disclosure automatically becomes a full invention record in your system and notifies the researcher that you’ve accepted their submission.

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Take Control of your portfolio

Make it easy for scientists to submit new inventions, make them easy to review, and make it all easy to report on.

Finding and ViEwing Status

Full Visibility

Each user can view the status of their invention disclosures. Designated supervisory personnel also can view the status of all the inventors in their organization. The attorneys and legal support staff can view the status of an invention disclosure. Invention disclosures are searchable by a variety of parameters to include the docket number, application number(s), publication number(s), titles, keywords, inventors, etc. Furthermore, the search function i can read PDF documents stored within the invention disclosure system and return these documents as a search result.