The Largest Technology Ecosystem

Wellspring software uses machine learning to scan proprietary and public data on start-ups, inventors, research publications, SEC filings, and intellectual property, stitching together comprehensive information to form the worlds largest technology ecosystem.

Tools To Act On Opportunities

Wellspring Innovation Management software enables you to evaluate these discoveries, share feedback, and gain insights so that you don’t miss the next disruptive technology in your industry.

Find Technologies

The Largest Technology Ecosystem

Every half hour 150 scientific articles are published 165 patents are filed, and 80 start-ups are founded. Which one of these will disrupt your industry?

Wellspring software scans 2000+ data sources covering patents, SEC filings, academic discoveries, grants, and more. Wellspring then uses machine learning to stitch together comprehensive profiles of innovative people, organizations, and technology areas.

Wellspring also offers exclusive access to Flintbox, the leading digital marketplace for early-stage university technologies.

Expand Your Reach

Explore Technology Ecosystems

Evaluate Opportunities

The Most Powerful Technology Database

Every critical business function from marketing, to HR, to finance has a system to eliminate manual work. Why not innovation?

Companies that are able to automate, understand, and streamline their innovation processes will uncover more technology opportunities and make better decisions.

Wellspring helps you evaluate more technology opportunities by automating technical assessments, organizing strategic initiatives, and streamlining your project pipeline.

Manage Your Pipeline

Capture And Evaluate Technologies

Identify Trends

The Best Insights and Analytics

What makes a successful technology partnership?

Our software maps your partner ecosystem with sophisticated database relationships, connects critical links between external and internal teams, and tracks relationships, processes, and results.

Wellspring innovation management software uncovers insights about your most productive partnerships and helps you replicate those results

Understand Your Knowledge Supply Chain

Manage Your Knowledge Supply Chain

Flintbox Technology Marketplace

Wellspring operates Flintbox, the largest marketplace for early-stage technology. Flintbox helps connect companies, researchers, inventors, and academic institutions or research facilities. View over 30,000 technologies in one place.

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Data Security

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Advanced Permissions

World Class Security

Knowledge supply chains are among a companies most valuable resources. How do you protect that information?

Too many organizations rely on spreadsheets, email, and file sharing programs to store critical information about technology partnerships, leaving them exposed to unnecessary risk.

Wellspring software provides state of the art data protection. Our purpose built software was designed to protect sensitive innovation data.

Secure Your Data

Set Individual Access Levels

How do SME's, external partners, and core team members view sensitive information?

Imagine if you could provide detailed, role based access to technology evaluations, strategic initiatives, project pipelines, and partner network data. Part-time contributors and external partners would instantly become much more effective.

Wellspring innovation management software gives you control over who can access innovation data, increasing flexibility, improving security, and streamlining processes.

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