IS YOUR Portfolio Getting Out of Control?

Automate Docketing, Annuities, and Maintenance

Missing just one renewal can leave your organization exposed to risk. Your portfolio has no room for error. IP teams that leverage professional software are less likely to miss important details. Users receive alerts when critical tasks are due, and workflows prevent steps from being skipped.

  • Document Uploads
  • Docket Reports
  • Permission Controls
  • Inventor Awards
  • Agreement Linking

Date Rules

An Organized Portfolio

Wellspring's automated docketing system is based on country laws and provides real-time updates of these laws including USPTO rules, Madrid Protocol, and other international laws. New distinct numbers are generated sequentially for the uptake of invention disclosures. The patent and trademark records correspond with the number assigned. The Wellspring system provides an automated calculation of office action deadlines and extensions.

Exclusive Partnership With IP Pragmatics

Wellspring clients can access paperless patent, design, and trademark renewals in over 122 countries via our partnership with IP Pragmatics.

Finding and ViEwing Status

Full Visibility

Each user can view the status of their invention disclosures. Designated supervisory personnel also can view the status of all the inventors in their department. The attorneys and legal support staff can to view the status of any invention disclosure. Invention disclosures are searchable by a variety of parameters to include the docket number, application number(s), publication number(s), titles, keywords, inventors, etc. Furthermore, the search function can read PDF documents stored within invention disclosure system and return these documents as a search result.