Improve Contracting Efficiency

Paperless Contract Management

Wellspring provides a low cost, turnkey, easy-to-use contract management software that seamlessly integrates with our IP docketing and inventions system. Wellspring manages a wide range of contract types including grants, partnerships, sponsorships, in- and out-licensing, joint development, material transfer agreements, and more.

  • Templates
  • Version Controls
  • Approval Workflows
  • Compliance Alerts
  • Lifecycle Reporting
  • Document Archiving

Monitoring and Alerts

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

All records incorporate both financial and non-financial agreement terms covering monies owed, reporting obligations, expiration of agreement clauses, and other key conditions. Agreement Financial Terms (AFT) capture clauses that give revenue rights, Non-Financial Terms (NFT) manage any obligations created by an agreement. AFTs and NFTs are both subject to automated email triggers to automatically monitor and email key parties as payments and obligations approach their due date, exceed their due date or are “out of bounds” compared to expectations.

Streamline Intellectual Property and Contract Management

Wellspring offers comprehensive IP portfolio management tools and award-winning contract management software.

Storing Critical Files

Flexible Data Management

Any file type may be uploaded, including any Microsoft Office documents, audio and video files, Adobe PDF or PostScript, photos, and others. Text files are indexed and searchable. In addition, Wellspring includes optical character recognition using the GOCR library, enabling image encoded PDF’s (such as scans and faxes) to be read when a text reader is not able to do so.