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Moving Beyond Core Innovation

If ever you’ve struggled to expand beyond “core” or H1 innovation, you’re not alone. Most R&D and innovation leaders instinctively understand the need for a strategic portfolio approach. But a dedicated focus on Horizon 2 and 3 bets is difficult to justify financially, and even harder to sustain. Success requires executive patience, cross-functional coordination, and a team with the right mix of (entrepreneurial) skill sets.

For those seeking a better way, Brian Turner has advice for you – drawn from his 25+ year career as an R&D leader at companies including RPM, Brady Corp, and PPG. Most recently, as the VP of Technology & Innovation at Tremco, Brian built an Advanced Technology group responsible for launching and incubating H2 and H3 innovation projects.

In this webinar, Brian shares what he’s learned from this journey. We discuss both the theory and the practice for how to build and sustain an H2/H3 innovation effort within a large corporation, including:

  • The business case for non-incremental innovation investment
  • The right way to run an Innovation Governance board
  • How to assemble a world-class Insights & Discovery team
  • How to sell the C-Suite on launching an H2/H3 program