WEBINAR: Organizing Your Innovation Ops

April 12, 2019

Organizing Your Innovation Ops

Laura Kusumoto, guest speaker

The challenges of innovation management are familiar to most corporate innovation leaders –defining and re-defining innovation’s mission; dealing with redundant, competing, or pet projects across an organization; budgeting for the unknown; managing webs of relationships with stakeholders; and protecting successful pilots from organizational purgatory.

It is easy to treat these as occupational hazards to be mitigated as they arise, rather than anticipated or prevented. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A growing number of forward-thinking leaders are making Innovation Ops a key priority. They build processes and systems to track and scale activities, producing metrics that can be used to drive success. They manage key stakeholders and internal customers proactively. They make sure that market insights, external relationships, and domain expertise are shared and leveraged as core institutional assets for sustainable innovation success.

In this webinar, Laura Kusumoto explains how to organize Innovation Ops into a source of strength. Based on Laura’s experience as an innovation leader at both Disney and Kaiser Permanente, she’ll share lessons such as:

  • How to build and scale repeatable processes for innovation
  • How to use software tools to drive Innovation Ops excellence
  • Best practices for rollout and adoption of key processes and systems
  • How to make sure your innovation efforts are transparent and accountable
  • How to collect results metrics that drive decision-making and guide success

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