The Best Features of IP Docketing Software

August 09, 2017

Intellectual property management requires a disciplined and rigorous approach that ties up valuable staff time and attention. Fortunately, docketing software can help small teams to get more done by empowering IP counsels, paralegals, inventors, and technology managers work smarter. With intellectual property being the cornerstone of competitiveness in today's market, companies cannot afford to mismanage their IP assets.

Country-specific Support

IP docketing software is crucial when proactively managing portfolios in multiple countries; given all of the different deadlines, due dates, and filing requirements within different patent jurisdictions, tracking information in spreadsheets and other ad-hoc methods will lead to mistakes.

This is especially important when considering the cost of missing a filing deadline or worse, losing control of a patent. By creating country-specific rules and automatic deadlines, docketing software works better than any office assistant and never forgets an important date.

PTO Correspondence

Given the importance that the USPTO holds within the patenting world, IP docketing software must be able to connect to electronic data sources to enable filing, prosecution, and maintenance. This is key, as it enables a purely digital workflow that ensures IP is properly managed.

Furthermore, online connections allow for automatic retrieval of USPTO correspondence. Individuals are also able to upload files directly into the system, allowing for easy retrieval by authorized individuals. This speeds up the process, as individuals are able to access all the data needed and respond to an office action all within one system.

Process and Workflow

A key advantage of docketing software is its ability to create and enforce a workflow within an office. This is crucial, as it ensures that the proper process and workflow is followed every time, and that individuals are held accountable within the system.

Furthermore, workflows help leverage crucial IP data within the system, as workflows allow distribution of the right data, at the right time, to the right people. Tasks such as international filings, continuation and annuity payments can be activated within the system and do not require outside input. Some processes can also be triggered automatically as to ensure that key filings are not missed.

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