3 Reasons To Attend the Sophia User Group Meeting

July 26, 2017

While there are many reasons to attend the Sophia User Group Meeting, some are better than others. To help, we've summarized some of the best below: 

1. Get Extensive Hands-on Training

As we all know, software can sometimes be difficult to set up, and mastering advanced functions can be even harder. Rather than digging through FAQs or long email chains with customer support, The Sophia User Group offers attendees a chance to get questions answered in person. The Sophia User Group allows the unique opportunity to sit down with a Sophia expert to go over advanced topics and tools, or work through complicated issues that would be difficult to solve over the phone. 

Furthermore, the Sophia User Group features over 20 training classes focused on integrations, financials, data cleaning, reporting, IP portfolio managemnt, and other critical topics that will help improve your tech transfer operations. Whether you are a first time attendee or a seasoned expert, our Sophia experts can help you advance your knowledge and use the software to its full potential. 


2. Learn Tech Transfer Best Practices

Rather than just focusing on product updates and training, the Sophia User Group meeting has evolved to be as much about the process of technology transfer as it has been about the software. This year, we are featuring a new segment of two peer-to-peer discussion sessions led by tech transfer professionals that will allow our users to learn from their colleagues in offices across the globe.

Increase your expertise in technology transfer, learn how your peers handle unique challenges, and share your perspective with others. The Sophia User Group offers the best opportunity to connect with other professionals, exchange ideas, ask probing question, and gain valuable insights into the best way of managing your technology transfer office.


3. Meet Your Peers

With so many tech transfer offices around the globe, it can be difficult to fully 'plug-in' into the technology transfer world. While many tech transfer events exist, the Sophia User Group meeting uniquely enables Wellspring customers to interact with each other and learn the distinct challenges and successes they have encountered using the software. Featuring seven dedicated networking sessions (including an exclusive cocktail reception and dinner), there's no better event to meet your fellow peers and network in the big city.  

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