Back in the Saddle

March 31, 2014

I will keep my first post short, given that I have just returned to the world of technology transfer after a short hiatus with other knowledge management disciplines, including a short stint for a start up software company in the realm of document and records compliance in the Cloud.  Returning to tech transfer, and joining Wellspring, is an exciting and natural fit.  I’m thrilled to join an Open Innovation software company that I feel has such a bright future ahead, helping organizations manage their knowledge assets and develop even more innovations.  I jumped in at an extremely exciting time, both for Wellspring and tech transfer.

Upon my return to tech transfer, I find interesting and, I believe, healthy changes continue to take place.  First, there has been a consolidation of several of the international tech transfer organizations, like Praxis and UNICO in the United Kingdom and ASTP and Proton in Europe.  Additionally, tech transfer in Asia is maturing and flourishing.  I am excited to tell you that I will be attending both Association of University Technology Managers Asia in Taiwan, and Innovfest in Singapore. 

Most importantly, however, is the development and growth of the Alliance of Technology Professionals (ATTP), an international body of Tech Transfer professionals that “was established to recognize and promote individuals with these core competencies and to provide approved training for individuals wishing to acquire these skills and become Registered Technology Transfer Professionals (RTTP).”  Kudos to all involved.

I am very pleased to have joined the Wellspring team.  This is a visionary company, and one that has proven itself by executing on its vision.  Not all companies can do that, let alone do it well.  The folks at Wellspring have worked hard and have achieved quite a bit in just a few short years.  I am looking forward to a very interesting and exciting ride in the years ahead of me.

That said, I jumped right in here.  Within a week of joining, I found myself at Wellspring’s booth at the Association of University Technology Managers annual meeting.  I was nervous -- how were people who know me going to react to my joining Wellspring after stints at other companies?

Well, my concerns were quickly put to rest as people warmly greeted my return with heartfelt congratulations.  I was, and am, a bit overwhelmed with the good will that was expressed by people who I have known for some time and remain in contact with through social media.  Thank you all.

I am still drinking from the fire hose here in my first few weeks at Wellspring.  There is a lot that I am familiar with, and a lot that I am not.  I’ve got much to learn as a new hire, but I also have a lot to learn in terms of the breadth of Wellspring’s offerings.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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