A New Era for Wellspring

February 08, 2013

Today we launch a new website and with it, a new era for Wellspring Worldwide that has been a decade in the making. The new website marks an exciting time of growth, expansion, and evolution, coinciding with our new corporate headquarters, marketing campaign, and formal launch of new modules and services that are focused around our concept of Knowledge Supply Chains. Many future blog posts to come on KSCs.

The new website articulates the seven categories of customers and installations we’ve been involved with over the past 2 years. Increasingly we see companies, universities, and hospitals unifying activities within their organizations: tech transfer and sponsored research, tech scouting and open innovation projects. These customers are integrating multiple components of Sophia to support their Knowledge Supply Chains.

And, we’ve revived our blog. This space will primarily provide an open forum for how Knowledge Supply Chain practices optimize innovation programs and projects. We’ve got some exciting guest bloggers lined up to share their experiences and insights. We welcome your participation and feedback.

Whether you've worked with us for years or are just exploring us for the first time, Wellspring supports your voyage of discovery and innovation: managing new ideas, new technologies, and new opportunities. Welcome Aboard!



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