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Innovate Like a Startup

Despite good intentions, many organizations find it difficult to stand up or sustain strategic innovation programs. It's easy to point the finger elsewhere - at corporate bureaucracy, uninspired leadership, or “economic cycles.” In reality, these initiatives often fail because innovation does not have the right core capabilities or enabling conditions in place to support their efforts.

In this webinar, Chris Townsend, Wellspring’s CMO, discusses the ins and outs of Strategic Innovation Programs, including key topics like:

  • Why discrete innovation programs often under-perform expectations.
  • Why the size of innovation budgets is a poor predictor of success.
  • Why the 3 Core Capabilities of strategic innovation must be tightly integrated.
  • Why problems arise when any of the 3 Enabling Conditions are neglected.
  • How your organization can get started building a strategic innovation program.