IRI Annual Conference | June 4-7 | Atlanta

IRI’s Annual Conference brings innovation leaders together from all corners of the world to challenge the conventional way of managing innovation and stay up-to-date on global emerging technologies. Attendees will collectively pioneer innovation management by networking with startups and small businesses searching for investors and strategic partnerships. Representatives from small specialty companies, large global corporations, government labs, and several other industries will be in attendance as well.

Featured Speakers

  • Yann LeCun - Chief AI Scientist, Facebook - The Power and Limits of Deep Learning
  • Tan Le - CEO & Founder, Emotiv - The NeuroGeneration: A New Era in Brain Augmentation is Revolutionizing the Way We Think, Work, and Lead 


  • Lean Project Management
  • Roles for Strategic Innovation
  • What to do/not do in Digital
  • Introduction to IRI’s TRACK program and Self-Directed Learning Engine Tool
  • Artificial Intelligence and its Cross-Industry Impact
  • 1,500 New Products Annually- On Time and On Target
  • Fostering Industry-University-Federal Lab Collaboration through IACMI
  • Emerging Portfolio Management Tools


  • Successful Partnerships Between Large Companies, Startups, and Universities
  • Breaking Boundaries
  • Rethinking the Value Chain

Networking Opportunities

  • Federal Lab Activity Group Speed Networking
  • Speed Networking Lunch for Students/Startups
  • Women in Innovation Breakfast

Breakout Sessions

  • Engaging with US Department of Energy National Laboratories on Collaborative Research and Innovation
  • Lessons Learned from a Large Corporation’s Digitalization Journey
  • The CDC Ideation Catalyst – Growing A Public Health Innovation Ecosystem
  • Back to the Future
  • Introduction to IRI's TRACK program and Self-Directed Learning Engine Tool
  • SPRING Trend Immersion: Moving from Information to Insights
  • Corporate Innovation: Getting Leadership Buy-n to the Real Deal
  • Moving to Advanced Services: Snakes and Ladders
  • Perspectives in Strategic Foresight, Part 1: How Foresight can guide machine learning and machine learning can support better foresight outcomes
  • Perspectives in Strategic Foresight, Part 2: Horizon Scanning Methods to Detect Emerging Technology
  • Developing and Monetizing a Long Term Vision for R&D
  • Brilliant Failures
  • Fireside Chat: David Morse and John Seely Brown
  • The Future of The Blockchain
  • Smart Cities and the Internet of Things
  • Creativity: A Most Practical Guide
  • The Importance of Failure When Innovating in Today’s Global Marketplace
  • Innovation and Organizational Transformation
  • Fireside Chat: Georgia Tech and The Boeing Company
  • Approaches to Rapid Prototyping and Product Development
  • The Future of Innovation is Fewer Ideas, Not More
  • Staying Ahead of the Pace of Change: Crafting Alternative Business Models to Expedite Product Development and Streamline Operations
  • Re-Imagining Business Models
  • Engaging Employees Through Crowdsourcing Innovation
  • Breathe In Breathe Out - An Exercise in Innovation Discovery
  • A Data Innovation Story, and Measuring Innovation With Data
  • A Playbook for Corporate and Startup Collaboration
  • Jill Watson, Family & Friends: Experiments in Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Assistance
  • Gofly: We Will Make People Fly
  • Going Agile: Dealing with Accelerated Change in the LEGO Group
  • The Research University as a Catalyst for Regional Innovation Ecosystems
  • Co-Development and Innovation Partnerships
  • From Insights to Implications: How to Use Trends to Inform Innovation Strategy